Scampi joined us in 2017, since then he has done sponsored rides, dressage, cross country and loves to hack proving a sensible baysitter to our younger ponies. A real favourite with the staff.


A lovely, genuine all rounder, Robbie is more than happy to turn his hoof to anything. He enjoys his jumping but is also quite happy to teach our beginner riders.


Solomon has previously been at dressage yards as well as doing some showjumping - another proving a very popular choice with the staff!


Midnight is a fun pony and proving very popular among our teenage riders, he loves to jump but also enjoys going out hacking.


Lolly rejoined us in 2019 and has settled straight back in having fun over the summer at sponsered rides, hound exercise, showjumping and much more!


Another of our brilliant allrounder pony, she does all our beginner riders as well as showjumping and cross country. Sally is also on our horseball team.    


Allsorts is friendly face to have around, enjoys her work and going out to shows.


Having hunted in Ireland Splash joined us and is a definite favourite with adults and staff, she loves to jump and hack but also enjoys going out to dressage competitions.


One of our working liveries Romeo does a variety of activities, his owner loves to hack and take part in the jumping competitions.


Marley is another of our allrounders, she does everything from horseball, cross country to taking our disabled riders.

Peter Pan joined us late 2020, he is already proving popular amongst our younger riders. 


Samson is a fun allrounder type, he enjoys his dressage and competitions as well as loving going out hunting in the winter.


Oliver joined us in late 2019, he has previously evented and done pony club. He is a proper schoolmaster type and enjoys going out competing still. A popular choice with the staff!


Another of our horseball team ponies Archie loves to please. He enjoys a mixture of activities especially his jumping and horseball. He is also another of our riding for the disabled ponies.


Ollie is a fun pony who has become a popular with our teenagers. He loves to jump and play horseball.


Pickles is another of our great all rounder ponies, he loves to play horseball, hack, cross country as well as being another of our riding for the disabled ponies.


Oakley is a popular choice with our teenage riders and staff, he loves to do a bit of everything but you'll find him the happiest when jumping


Shadow is proving a firm favourite amongst the kids, he enjoys doing all activities.


Newbe is a popular choice amongst both our children and adult riders, he enjoys a bit of everything including horseball and riding for the disabled.


Peggy is a fun loving cob who loves to please, she will quite happily turn her hoof to anything and enjoys all aspects of ridden work.


Maggie is another of our fun cobs, she enjoys lessons in the school and you'll also see her out hacking lots with Rachel's mum. 


Cami is one of most popular ponies amongst our younger riders, she enjoys a bit of everything from lead rein to pony club.


Bam Bam is popular again amoungst our younger riders, she also enjoys going out hacking and to fun shows in the summmer.


Rozie is a popular choice amongst the teens and adults, she loves her flatwork and jumping as well as going out hacking.


Theo is another of our popular ponies, he used to do national level horseball and also enjoys showjumping, competing etc.


Jasper is another of our working liveries, he is a popular choice amongst the adults and loves to do a bit of everything.


Moomin is a fun allrounder typer, he enjoys hacking, schoolwork and games.


Roxy is another popular choice, particularly among the adults. She loves to do a bit of everything and when not being used in the riding school enjoys going out competing.


Clyde is our most recent addition, he will spend some time with our staff schooling and competing before joining the riding school. Already proving a lovely chap who will turn his hoof to anything.


License number 90630